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A pond can serve many purposes on your property. EcoStrategies has designed ponds in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania for recreation, storm water detention, and fire protection. Scaling your pond design appropriately can avoid additional regulatory oversight. Let us figure it out for you.

What you may see as a simple embankment, your state environmental conservation/protection agency may see as a dam. We can design compliant and appropriately classed dams to fit the required impoundment of any volume of water. EcoStrategies can also inspect dams or prepare state-mandated inspection and maintenance plans (I&M) for dams of any size.

Green Infrastructure
Stormwater management practices that treat runoff on-site by preserving vegetation and reducing impervious surfaces are not only proven to be functional, but are better looking than traditional concrete-based designs and even cheaper to implement. EcoStrategies specializes in applying green infrastructure techniques to any size site development project.

Drinking Water Infrastructure
Properly constructed and maintained water generation, storage, and treatment facilities are necessary to serve a population of any size. EcoStrategies can assess drinking water supply and demand for your organization or municipality and design a system that dovetails with the requirements of both.

Design of Pipelines, Culverts, Open Channels
The transmission of stormwater or drinking water from one place to another carries with it the requirement for careful consideration of both the transmission structures and the surrounding environment. EcoStrategies is able to size and design the placement of the necessary transmission facilities to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently.

Water Withdrawal Permits
Recent regulatory changes in New York State now require the permitting of any water withdrawal with an uptake that exceeds 100,000 gallons per day. EcoStrategies can assist your organization in tackling this compliance issue by generating a completed permit package with all of the documents and associated secondary permit applications necessary to meet the new water withdrawal permitting requirements.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
The treatment and reduction of stormwater runoff is a key factor to any site development project. Sediment laden stormwater is considered a pollutant and EcoStrategies can prepare your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan to make sure stormwater is properly managed in a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing manner. We can also perform New York State mandated inspections. EcoStrategies has on staff both a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) as well as a Qualified Inspector of Erosion and Sediment Control. We have prepared and inspected SWPPPs in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties including within the City of Jamestown.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
Erosion and Sediment Control Plans are a requirement for construction or development near any state-protected water resource such as streams, lakes, or rivers. Preventing erosion and the discharge of sediment laden water not only protects the water resource at the project site but downstream as well. We have prepared ECPs for projects in Chautauqua, Warren, and Elk Counties on or near protected water resources such as Chautauqua Lake and Tionesta Creek.

Site Grading and Drainage Plans
A site grading and drainage plan that accurately assesses water and soil volumes to be re-distributed will save you time and money in material costs. EcoStrategies has the resources necessary to analyze an existing site and model proposed changes so runoff is directed appropriately with as little impact as possible to the surrounding environment.

River/Stream/Shoreline Restoration
The destructive capabilities of water are well known in the Northeast US. Often restoring and stabilizing an eroded bank or shoreline can not only protect your property from further loss and destruction but can also make it look better. We specialize in using green infrastructure techniques to repair and restore water interfaces with designs that stand the test of time. EcoStrategies has completed shoreline restoration projects on Chautauqua Lake as well as streambank restoration projects several creeks in Chautauqua, Warren, and Elk Counties.

Grant Writing
As an organization or municipality it’s one of your goals to make use of as many funding opportunities as you can. At EcoStrategies we’re prepared to help your grant application score as well as it possibly can. We have the ability to supplement your application with maps, charts, and diagrams that will help your project goals jump off the page.

On-call Services
EcoStrategies is committed to dedicated service to local organizations and municipalities. Simply put: We’ll be there when you need us!

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering applies scientific knowledge to improve the built and natural environments; provides clean water, air, and land for humans and other organisms; and remediates adverse impacts to developed sites. 

Examples of typical Environmental

Septic Systems and Wastewater Treatment
The healthful and environmentally sound discharge of treated wastewater is increasingly recognized as a key factor in the preservation of our freshwater resources. EcoStrategies has designed residential and commercial septic systems that are fully compliant with the national and state Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permits (NPDES & SPDES) and that achieve community goals of lessening impacts on area waters. Our goal in wastewater management is to scale our design solutions appropriately to the project and to utilize a combination of methods and treatment processes to maximize a site’s ability to treat wastewater while reducing expenses for the client and minimizing the space required to do the job.

Wetlands are a crucial ecological zone that play a necessary part in maintaining balance in the environment. They provide plant and animal habitat, water storage and flood control, while also creating stormwater treatment opportunities. EcoStrategies can design constructed wetlands, assist in planning and design for the enhancement of existing wetlands, help obtain sources of funding, and develop plans for the restoration or remediation of impacted wetlands.

Gravel Mining (Planning, Permitting, & Design)
EcoStrategies has all of the tools necessary to assist your organization in the preparation of a new mining permit application, permit renewal, or mine expansion. Some of our mining services include mined land use plan development, reclamation design, mapping, volume surveys, noise studies, and SEQR & SHPO environmental compliance.

Oil & Gas (Planning, Permitting, & Design)
Our experience in the Oil & Gas industry has prepared us to efficiently handle many of the design and compliance issues faced by companies working in the production or transmission of oil and gas throughout our region. As a pipeline operator we understand the value an organization places in the proper management of transmission facilities. With this awareness, we can generate pipeline management plans that will not only aid your organization internally with the operation of your facilities but will also help ensure compliance with state and federal regulators. We can also assist your organization with the development of Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plans (SPCC); Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP); or with any other planning or oversight tasks that may be required of your project.

Environmental Site Assessments
An environmental site assessment (ESA) may be required during the course of a real estate transaction to determine if prior land use has negatively impacted the surrounding soil, water, or air. The staff at EcoStrategies has years of experience in site remediation and can provide ESA’s utilizing the industry standard phased approach to evaluate the presence of impacts and the proper methods for remediation and site restoration.

Feasability Studies
Understanding and evaluating the probability of a project given certain financial, regulatory, or other limiting factors is a crucial first step in the development process. EcoStrategies can develop a feasibility study that will give your organization the necessary insight to inform decisions on whether or not to undertake, change, or abandon a project.

EcoStrategies can provide the necessary assessment and planning to properly evaluate a site and implement a remediation plan. We can manage all aspects of a site restoration or remediation project from the drafting of a remedial action plan to permitting and project oversight.

Brownfield Restoration
In light of the scarcity of developable land, the reuse of existing sites is becoming increasingly feasible as a development option in and around urban areas. Sometimes these sites have been negatively impacted through prior land use and are categorized as Brownfield Sites. Public funding is often available for the restoration of these sites making them feasible for future development. EcoStrategies can help secure the necessary funding as well as provide planning and design for the site remediation and subsequent redevelopment.

Evapotranspiration Covers
ET Covers have been gaining attention in the scientific and regulatory community as an alternative to conventional barrier covers for leachate management at landfills and brownfield sites. Conventional barrier covers are made of clay or geosynthetic liners that minimize infiltration of rain and snow and isolate the waste from the natural environment. Barrier covers have been the prescriptive remedy for the past 30 years; however, the material cost and installation can be prohibitively expensive on many sites and their long-term performance is questionable. The EPA defines an ET Cover as “a cover composed of soil and plants engineered to maximize the available storage capacity of soil, evaporation rates, and transpiration processes of plants to minimize water infiltration”. ET Covers are an attractive option to clients because the construction costs are typically half the cost of barrier covers and there are many other ecological and aesthetic benefits that barrier covers do not offer. Call us to find out more about this new green technology.

Biomass / Biofuel Projects
Biomass is biological material derived from plants that can be used to create energy. EcoStrategies is on the cutting-edge of biomass research and opportunities that allow customers to essentially grow their own energy. For example, shrub-willow species can be planted on poor soils or unproductive land, harvested on 3-year cycles, and burned to produce electricity and reduce air pollution. New research technology is also allowing biomass to be transformed into liquid fuels (biofuels) that can power trains, planes, and automobiles. Best of all it is a sustainable form of energy that has ecological benefits and the ability to revitalize land that is otherwise a burden to the owner. Contact us to learn more about this new green technology.

Renewable Energy
EcoStrategies is an advocate of renewable energy and we believe that energy independence is the key to our long-term economic success in America. We recognize that coal and oil have been the lifeblood of our economy for the past 200+ years and change will not happen overnight. We also recognize the tremendous economic and environmental benefits of natural gas as a bridge from the fossil fuels of the past (coal and oil) to renewables of the future such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and biofuels. We help clients understand the engineering economics, feasibility, and alternatives of energy production and are up-to-date with the new trends in renewable energy. Whether you want to design a residential home that is “off-the-grid” or you want to build an industrial-scale wind farm or solar field to power your manufacturing plant, we can help you turnkey the project from start to finish. Give us a call.

Grant Writing
At EcoStrategies we understand the grant application process and know how to frame a project proposal to meet the needs of the applicant while speaking to the goals of the funding source. We will work hard to ensure that your application scores well by utilizing all resources at our disposal including customized maps and figures to provide visual cues and emphasis to supplement the text portions of your application.

On-call Services
The staff at EcoStrategies can be available on-call to assist area organizations to help troubleshoot problems and provide fast turn-around of our services when time is a critical factor.


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