EcoStrategies Civil Engineering, PLLC (EcoStrategies) offers a range of land surveying services in New York and Pennsylvania and it would be our pleasure to discuss any potential business needs or opportunities that you or your organization may have.

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Land Surveying Services

Whether you require a boundary survey as part of a real estate transfer, or just want to know where your property lines are, we can meet your demands on-time and deliver with high quality results prepared in accordance with the most current standards of practice.
Planning to subdivide your property? EcoStrategies can provide a design tailored to your vision that is in-line with the most current state and local standards for subdivision review. Our land surveying services include the preparation of a boundary retracement survey for the project perimeter with lot configuration design and official subdivision mapping. We can also provide topographic mapping, road layout/design, and utility placement services. Our engineering services for subdivision design dovetail seamlessly with the remaining requirements such as green infrastructure practices for stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, and water & sewer facilities design.
EcoStrategies works with organizations in the forest services industry and understands just how crucial obtaining and maintaining access to a forest tract or a specific area within a tract can be. Our services in this area include everything from the initial location of a right-of-way to the mapping, engineering design, permitting, and construction layout services necessary to ensure your road is built to last.
Our firm is very familiar with the current local and regional state of the Oil and Gas industry. We offer a variety of land surveying services to assist organizations in the oil and gas industry ranging from well platting to right-of-way and boundary surveying to pipeline layout and mapping. We can utilize geographic information systems to spatially organize your data and produce effective maps of your facilities. Our engineering division specializes in providing project planning, development, and oversight as well as pipeline operation and management services at competitive rates.
EcoStrategies surveying personnel are available on-call to provide high accuracy layout for your building or construction project. We will work closely with you or your contractor to minimize redundant layout and avoid repeated trips to the site while providing all the information you need on the ground to ensure the proper construction of your project. We are fully insured and OHSA trained to work on large-scale construction projects.
Like most things in nature, wetlands are continually changing shape. However, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) allows for department delineated wetlands to be fixed for 5 years if a wetland boundary survey is prepared and placed on record with the NYSDEC. If your project has delineated wetlands, EcoStrategies can prepare a Wetland Boundary Survey to help eliminate further unknowns and the potential for surprises as your project moves forward. Wetland Boundary Surveys are appropriate for all projects with delineated wetlands and should be undertaken during the early planning phase.
The American Land Title Association has specific requirements for the preparation of land surveys as they regard the acquisition of land title insurance. EcoStrategies is well versed in the unique demands of land title surveys and is fully capable of providing these surveys in accordance with the most current Minimum Standard Detail Requirements.
Need to spatially reference your data or transform your raw data into an informative map? We have the skill in cartography and geodatabase development to get your data spatially organized and on a paper or web map that is user-friendly. Whether it’s a facility location map, trail map, or tract map, we can make it happen with professional looking results. Simply put, we can generate data for you or leverage your existing data to create any map of any size in any format and won’t stop until you’re satisfied.
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